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Seat Cushions

Choosing Seat Cushions for your Furniture:

All of our seating products (chairs, stools, benches, and love seats) can be ordered with optional seat cushions.  There is a wide variety of options for fabrics.  We custom make seat cushions for your MetroWares furniture and use fabric exclusively from Sunbrella ®.   They are the industry leader in quality indoor and outdoor fabrics.

Two types of seat cushions may be ordered:

  1. Permanent seat cushion - cushion is hand made to the exacting dimensions of your MW furniture and is permanently installed onto the seating surface by use of fasteners.  Although we call this permanent, the cushions may be removed with simple tools house hold tools. Permanent seat cushions should be used for indoor furnishings only as they have a wooden inner base structure.
  2. Loose seat cushion - Used primarily for outdoor furniture.  The cushion comes with ties and can be removed easily.  Loose seat cushions are also made to the exacting dimensions of your furniture.

How to select fabric styles:

The option for ordering seat cushions with a MW product will be found during the check-out process as an option or add-on.  You will be asked if you would like to include seat cushions and to specify the type of seat cushion (permanent or loose). 

Additionally there will be a form field to enter in the Sunbrella ® " style number".   There will be link next to the form field for "style number" that will take you to a Sunbrella fabric search page (which will open in a new window) where you can search and browse fabric colors, styles and designs. 

Once you have selected the fabric style you would like to be used for your seat cushions, write down that number and then be sure to insert the Sunbrella style number in the check out process if you are ordering seat cushions.

This is the page that we will send you to to determine the fabric style.  Please ensure that you do not have "pop-up" blockers enabled in your browser or firewall.

Here is a sample search page at Sunbrella:

Preview Name & Style number(s) Pattern type Product line Width
Bessemer 1000BA Bessemer 1000BA      
  7253-0000 Decorative Sunbrella Decorative 54"
Cabaret Bluehaze Cabaret Bluehaze      
  45099-0003 Decorative Sunbrella Decorative 54"
Francois Lagoon Francois Lagoon      
  42033-0000 Decorative Sunbrella Decorative 54"
Gibson Chocolate Gibson Chocolate      
  45180-0003 Decorative Sunbrella Decorative 54"
Lanai Lagoon Lanai Lagoon      
  45412-0001 Decorative Sunbrella Decorative 54"
Merritt Mint Merritt Mint      
  45225-0004 Decorative Sunbrella Decorative 54"
Mojito Coffeebean Mojito Coffeebean      
  45184-0004 Decorative Sunbrella Decorative 54"
Simone Barley Simone Barley      
  42025-0009 Decorative Sunbrella Decorative 54"
Villette Rococco Villette Rococco      
  45155-0004 Decorative Sunbrella Decorative 54"